NRG A627.H8 AC

NRG A627.H8 AC
The NRG A627.H8 AC model is excellent for that industrial area , it is ready to haul large loads with a whopping 550 kgs capacity, and lasting durability of an attractive diamond plate rear body. Incredable range with a 48 volt set of eight six volt batteries. Exceptional value as is with all of our HDK vehicle product line. This model can be designed that meets your specific needs, options like rain enclosure, battery water filling system etc. are available. 
Model NRG A627.H8 AC
Type Electric
Speed 25 / 40 km/h
Range 80 km
Load capacity 360 kg
Towing capacity
Seating capacity 2


Model NRG A627.H8 AC
Type Electric
Speed 40 km/h
Range 80 km
Load capacity 550 kg
Seating capacity 2


Net weight 610 kg
Overall length 310 cm
Total width 117 cm
Lowered height 175 cm
Turning radius 450 cm
Cargobed dimension Length: 163 cm; Widht: 119 cm; Height: 36 cm


Frame construction Hot Galvanized-Dip. 15 year no-rust
Powertrain GT Drive, Automotive type differential
Battery 225 amp hour, 8 each
Brakes Mechanic brakes, rear drum
Suspension Independent Suspension with four arms
Tires 18x8-10


Instrumentation Horn, reverse alarm with beep, battery status indicator, hour meter, speedometer, High/Low speed switch, windshield wiper



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