NRG A627.6+2 AC

NRG A627.6+2 AC
When it comes to moving people, Yamaha are the experts. Whether you're running a hotel, resort or airport, you want to be able to offer your customers a convenient shuttle service and make their visit as enjoyable as possible. Or maybe you're looking for a luxury hospitality vehicle to give 'A' list celebrities the red carpet treatment. Either way, the Concierge is the right way to go. With the most luxurious seating arrangement in the industry, this 4-person vehicle makes everyone feel special as you whisk them from A to B. Its silent running electric motor gives plenty of performance, and with zero emissions it's ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor use. 
Model NRG A627.6+2 AC
Type Electric
Speed 40 km/h
Range 100 km
Load capacity 750 kg
Towing capacity
Seating capacity 8


Model NRG A627.6+2 AC
Speed 31 km/h
Range 80 km
Load capacity 600 kg
Seating capacity 6


Net weight 710 kg
Overall length 325 cm
Total width 120 cm
Lowered height 191 cm
Turning radius 450 cm





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